don't forget about pennies.


Acorn Investing - This money savings app I had some  concerns about when I first started using it, it was a some point on  Shark Tank so I knew there was going to be a catch.  But I have used it  and found that it is making me money.  Every purchase I make the app  rounds up to the dollar.  So purchases made of .75 cents the round up  which is invested after a few days would be .25 cents.  They wait until  it adds up to $5.00 before they take the payment to invest your money  from all your purchases.  Some banks do this automatically from  debit/checking accounts and invested in there savings accounts.  So if  you don't have this with your bank start here to begin small  investments.


Loyal3 - Want to invest in the stock market and low on  funds?  Loyal3 has companies willing to start small with low minimums or  also you can do weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly small investments.  These  funds can purchase factions of shares depending on your budget.