Being frugal starts with you.

Internet Bill

Always ask for a cheaper rate when you negotiate for renewal of your internet bill.  Don't take no for an answer.  The one way I negotiated with Centrylink  here in Phoenix, AZ was asking for there retention department, ask for  my services to be canceled.  I received a rebate for 12 months for my  second and also my third year of service with them, which after it  expired the second year I called them back up on the eleventh month of  service and did the process all over again.  Trust me they have no mercy  to raise your rate after the promotional period is done.  Thank you to  the great agent who helped me with this.

Electric Bill

SRP has a great time of day savings plan called SRP EZ-3  which it all depends on when you should be turning on the A/C or using  heavy high voltage electrical appliances in the household.  Savings are  considerable and which they show on each bill how much you are savings  month to month being on the program.   EZ-3 peak hours are Mon-Fri from  3-6pm and most holidays are off peak which they will let you know which  select holidays are covered.

Walmart Savings Catcher

So I'm not a huge fan of Walmart but when your on a budget Walmart Savings Catcher  is a true gem for grocery's you can't beat them on price.  Especially  on grocery items where you can scan your receipt and have them check all  your local ad prices in your area.  For of us per week we save roughly  between $.49 - $12.00 per shopping trip every week and we just have to  visit one store.

Target Cartwheel

Love Targets Cartwheel  application app which is great when you are looking to get just a few  items between the heavy grocery shopping trips.  Savings are right up  front if they have it on there app, just add all items that have a  upfront savings and make sure they scan the barcode at the register to  get instant savings.

Sling TV

Sling TV offers two domestic streaming services: The single-stream Sling Orange service and the multi-stream Sling Blue service.   Both are great deals with additional channels you can add at any time.